Published on August 25, 2020

I've added a lot of free accounts to the site because it appears a lot of people are upgrading to SIS 20.x, either because they're hosted and have to, or because they're self-hosted and are doing so to take advantage of some of the new features.  This post is mainly to provide more information about sqlReports Classic, as many of the people upgrading have mentioned to me they're using sqlReports 4 or 5 and I figured they haven't been to this site or in the past to know about sqlReports Classic. 

So if you're new to the site and are not familiar with sqlReports Classic, here are some things to know about it:

  • It's free!  sqlReports Classic is the free version of sqlReports and you don't need to buy anything, but you do need an account on this site to download it.  The account is also free and if you don't have one, you can apply by filling out the application form under the Login menu. 
  • An account also gives you access to a couple free add-on's for sqlReports Classic - a run history plugin and sqlLabels Lite.  It also gives you access to a handful of free articles on the Knowledgebase page.

sqlReports Classic

sqlReports Classic was introduced on January 1, 2020.  The web site it was hosted on then was and here is a copy of the blog post from that time.  It was actually announced in November, 2019, that it would be released on January 1, 2020, and here's a description of it from that time:

"sqlReports Classic is different than the previous free version in that it's similar to Dean Dahlvang's original version which was for the admin portal only.  Add-on's, such as the teacher portal version and sqlCharts, are only available as part of sqlReports Premium.  The version number of sqlReports Classic is 7.0.0."

I mainly mention the above in case people think sqlReports Classic is new as of the release of sqlReports 11 in May, 2020, but it's been around since January 1, 2020.   FYI - there was no Classic v. 8, 9, or 10.  The current release is called 11 to signify the age of sqlReports when the version was released.

sqlReports Premium

Some people have contacted me about a subscription because they thought they had to buy sqlReports.  As mentioned above, sqlReports Classic is free and for most people they only use sqlReports in the admin portal and sqlReports Classic is all they need to get their admin reports back up and running after upgrading to SIS 20.x.  However, some people build charts in sqlReports or use it with the teacher portal too, and in those cases, one would have to have an active subscription to be able to get a copy of sqlReports Premium, which has those features.   I created a blog post three months ago in May to remind people then of sqlReports Classic vs sqlReports Premium and to make people aware of changes if they upgraded to SIS 20.x.  If you haven't read it, please do so because it mentions alternatives if you're not interested in a subscription.  If you're interested in some of the additional features of sqlReports Premium, click here.



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