Published on September 23, 2020

I redid the Gradebook reports section and consolidated some reports to singular pages.  The previous version of the page had 3 areas for admin portal reports (any gradebook, ptp only, ptg only) and 3 areas for teacher portal reports (any gradebook, ptp only, ptg only).  Almost all of the ptp only and ptg only reports had the same output, but there had to be different versions because the gradebooks saved assignment data to different tables.

I redid the page to only have two areas - admin portal reports and teacher portal reports - and consolidated the ptp only and ptg only reports.  For example, an admin report called 'All Assignments for a Teacher' that had two separate pages, one for a ptp only version and one for a ptg only version, now has just one page and both versions can be found on that page.  Even though there are two reports on the page, I decided to just count the page as one report, thus the consolidations dropped the total number of "reports" in that section from 39 to 29.

No changes were made to any of the reports, so if you have some of the reports already installed, there's no reason to re-install them.



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