Published on October 6, 2020.

I had a page on the site that listed people who were available to help others with sqlReports reports.  I created the page because most of my time is spent running my business and this site and I just don't have much time to build reports for districts.  If someone did contact me about building a report, I would often times refer them to the report writers page as people they could contact instead. 

As of today, I added the page to this site as well because I've been getting a few requests from districts for reports and the page will give them people they can contact for assistance and report building.  The page is under the Resources menu and is only available to those with accounts on the site because it has email addresses of people on it.

Please note that people listed on the page are not working for free - they'll charge for any reports.  If you're looking for free help, please visit one of the free forums out there, such as PSUG on, for that type of help.



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