This page provides information for either new subscriptions of the sqlReports Subscription or the sqlExports Subscription, or for renewal of the subscriptions.   You do not need to puchase the sqlReports Subscription in order to use sqlReports - you can use the free version, sqlReports Classic, if you just plan to use sqlReports in the admin portal.  If you're not ready to order but are wondering about pricing, the prices can be found on the Subscription Pricing page.

If you haven't done so, please read this blog post from May 15, 2020, about some changes to ordering and renewing subscriptions.

IMPORTANT - if you're renewing a subscription, please plan for extra time to renew because the company name has changed from SIS Resources to Freund Resources.  An updated W-9 will be sent with any quotes, but some districts or organization may require extra paperwork to update the name change, which could delay things.

Subscriptions are not sold to any district that employs anyone who has violated the Terms of Use of the site, regardless of where they were working when the violation happened.

1 - Email Matt (matt @ the following information and the screenshot mentioned in #2:

Please email the following information (not providing the following will delay the quote until the information is received):

a - The name of the school district or organization.

b - The type of subscription(s) that you are considering ordering or renewing:

  • sqlReports Subscription - includes sqlReports Premium and it's add-ons, and access to all the reports and KB articles on the site
  • sqlExports Subscription - access to sqlExports Pro, subscription is only sold to self-hosted customers due to how it works (see the FAQ on the sqlExports Subscription page for more information)

c - If your district or organization accepts invoices by email (yes or no) - if you're not familiar with quotes vs PO's vs invoices, please see steps 3 and 4 below:

  • If yes, please provide the name and email address of who to email an invoice to if an order is made.  The person is responsible for making sure the invoice is paid.
  • If no, then an emailed Purchase Order will not be accepted, and your district or organization will need to mail the Purchase Order to the address on the quote and include a self-addressed envelope to be used for mailing of the invoice.

d - Please state whether or not you are exempt from state sales tax information (if your district or organization is not based in the United States, please mention where you're based instead and skip to step 2 below).  If you're not sales tax exempt, please provide the zip code of the billing address that will appear on the Purchase Order for sales tax information. 

2 - Attach the following screenshot to the email:

Attach a screenshot like below that shows the number of active students on your server.  The screenshot will be pasted into the quote to show proof of the number of active students.  No other screenshots are accepted and sending screenshots besides the ones below will delay the quote until the correct screenshot is received.

Subscriptions are sold based on the total number of active students on your server because sqlReports is used by all users with access to the server, and thus any reports or files from this site will be used by all users in the district.   Pricing amounts used in quotes can be found here.

(Please note the screenshots below are fictional and are meant to only provide examples of what to send.  Do not send the screenshots below, but rather send a screenshot of the actual data from your server instead.  The only information used from the screenshot is the number of active students.)


Look in the following area for the data for the screenshot:

  • For users of 12.1.2+ - go to System > System Settings > Server Statistics and look for the Startup tab at the top of the page.  The number of active students line can be found about halfway down the first section under the Startup tab.   It's located between the 'XSS Scanning Enabled?' and 'Number of Schools' lines.  Here is a screenshot of where to look:


  • For users of 12.1.1 and earlier versions - go to System > System Settings > Server Statistics and scroll to the bottom of the page (there are no separate tabs like above) and look for the PowerSchool Statistics section.  The number of active students line is about halfway down in the first set of lines.

Alternate Screenshot

An alternate screenshot will be accepted if for some reason you can't find the information above.  Please keep in mind the data in the alternate screenshot is not always accurate due to caching issues, so it's best to use the screenshot with the number of active students mentioned above, especially if you're using or plan to use sqlExports as it's sold on a per-student basis:


The alternate screenshot can be found at the bottom of the System tab for users of 12.1.2+ and 19.x, and about midway on the page for users of 12.1.1 and earlier versions.

Numbers will be checked at random and if it's found at some point in the process that an incorrect number was given, any quotes will be nullified and new ones will be issued.  If the discrepancy is discovered later on, accounts and support will be suspended until payment for the actual number is received.

3 - Once all the information has been received from Steps 1 and 2, Matt will prepare an official quote and email it to you asap or within 24 hours.   There may be a delay if it's a weekend or Matt is traveling. 

Please be sure your email address accepts PDF files and that email from is not treated as spam.  All amounts listed on the quote will be in US Dollars.

4 - A Purchase Order (PO) is required.

A PO from the district or oganization is required - no sales to individuals are allowed.  Any vendor documentation that is required - W-9, vendor application, etc. - must be requested for prior to the PO being sent.  Failure to do so will release Freund Resources from any requirement to provide such documentation.

For new orders or expired subscriptions, once a PO is received and accepted, the customer will have access to the parts that come with the subscription.  The account holder will receive emails with login information and information on how to use the site.   Expiration dates for orders will be added to the account information and available to users when they login.

An invoice will be created and emailed to the person mentioned in Step 1a above.   Since there's no physical delivery of a product, invoices will only be sent by email unless the customer requests it to be mailed instead.  In those cases, the customer will need to mail the Purchase Order to the address on the quote (no emailed PO's will be accepted in those cases) and include a self-addressed envelope to be used for the mailing of the invoice. 

All invoices will be Net 45 and all amounts listed on the invoice will be in United States (U.S.) dollars.  Acceptable forms of payment are:

  • U.S. Customers - by check drawn on a U.S. bank or payment online using a district credit card
  • Non-U.S. Customers - payment online using a district credit card

Personal checks or personal credit cards are not accepted as payment.  Electronic transfer funds or wire transfers are also not accepted - banking information for Freund Resources will not be shared with anyone due to an increase in ransomware with schools and organizations.

If payment is not received in full within 45 days, accounts and support associcated with the order may be suspended until full payment is received.  If an invoice is mailed, the Net 45 will still be enforced based on the invoice date.  Order information and payment history will be available to the customer contact on the Order Information page once they're logged into the site.

5 - all sales are final, no refunds will be issued.   Freund Resources reserves the right to void a quote when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the subscriptions start on a specific date?

No, the subscriptions can start at any time and will expire one year later.  For the first year, the start day is when a Purchase Order (PO) is received and accepted, or if no PO is used, when payment is received.  For renewals, another year is added to the subscription when a PO is received and accepted, or if no PO is used, when payment is received.

Do the subscriptions automatically renew?

No - customers are not automatically billed for renewals, but rather are given the choice to decide if they wish to renew.  The contact person for the subscription will receive an email notifying them of the expiration a couple months ahead of time (see below).

How do I know when my subscription expires?

After you login you should see a grey box on the login landing page with the information.  You can also check the Order Information page under the Login menu and see the information there.

What happens if I don't renew?

You'll still be able to login to the site to access the Order Information under the Login menu.  However, you'll no longer have access to the content that comes with a subscription, and you'll no longer receive any support for any of the downloads you're using.   You can still use any content you downloaded, but you will still be bound by the Terms of Use of this site and are not allowed to share any content you downloaded with anyone outside your district.

Will I receive reminders about renewing?

It depends.  If you pay your invoice on time, you will receive an email approximately two months prior to the expiration date, and then if needed, another one approximately one month later.  The emails will come from the Matt's email address, so please make sure email from that email address and domain are not being blocked.  The date emails are sent will added to the Order Information page as well, so if you see an email was sent, but you did not receive anything, please contact Matt.  If you don't pay your invoice on time, then you'll just receive one email at 30 days prior to the expiration date.

I received a reminder - how do I renew?

Please follow the steps mentioned in the email.

Do I need to wait until something expires before renewing?

No - you can renew at any time.

How much does it cost to renew?

It depends on the the number of students.  For the sqlReports Subscription, see the price quide Subscription Pricing page  For the sqlExports Subscription, the cost is 5 cents per active student.

Are enrollment numbers for the first year used in following years?

No - when it's time to renew, the district must provide a screenshot of the total number of active students at the time (see 1a above) and pricing will be based on that screenshot.

Is there a place to find information on previous orders?

Yes - click on the Order Information link under the Login menu and you'll see your order history.  The information will only appear for the primary contact.

Can I let something expire and then renew it at a later date if I change my mind?

Yes - you can renew at any time and will still be eligible for renewal pricing at that time.

Can my business buy a subscription?

Only if your business operates schools, such as charter schools.

Can I buy a subscription through a reseller?

No - Freund Resources is the sole provider and if a sole source letter is needed, please let Matt know.

Can I pro-rate a subscription?

It depends on the subscription (first year vs renewal).  Please contact Matt for more information.


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